Roller Blade Hardware

Sliqx Is an independent, skater owned brand.

Focusing on manufacturing quality engineered skate hardware.

Upping the anti

Sliqx started through a love of design and attention to detail. Sliqx designs its products not only to last as long as possible, but to help create the smoothest ride and sound possible when skating. No one likes hearing their hardware squeak or rattle! Many skate products are designed to keep costs as low as possible, this sometimes leads to using inferior materials to achieve a target price 

We’ve started with anti rocker grind wheels, but we’re not going to stop there, we’re gonna create h blocks, coping/rails/ soul-plates boxes and even ramps. We’re all about the skaters, not the money. All profits go straight back into R+D for the next product or event. 

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Every Sliqx product is designed to last as long as possible.  Utilising the best materials and highest standards of manufacturing to really up the anti.

We like to create a product which exceeds expectations not just reach it.

Our products are available to everyone with worldwide shipping! 

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